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Monday, September 26, 2016

40 Things We Learned in Week 3 of the 2016 NFL Season

The 40 things we gained from Week 3 
40 Things We Learned in Week 3 of the 2016 NFL Season

1. You can't make up the Cleveland Browns. Stay solid, Dawg Pound. On the other hand, consider treatment. 

2. Odell Beckham Jr. had another sideline emergency. Also, practically another in the locker room. Correct, this Josh Norman person truly knows how to get inside his head protector. 
3. Also, this was on a day Beckham really bamboozled Norman. On account of ESPN Stats for this: Norman arranged crosswise over Beckham on 53 of Giants' 61 hostile plays. On those plays, Beckham had six gatherings for 107 yards on nine targets. 
4. Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. Gravely. Stunning. Get it truly is Wentzylvania. 
5. In no way like a little Detroit Lions safeguard for Aaron Rodgers to quiet the faultfinders. 
6. That is the best we have seen Bills RB LeSean McCoy keep running since he exited Philly. 
7. Banter about inquiry No. 1 for presidential hopefuls on Monday night (in case you're watching them rather than the Falcons and Saints): What constitutes a catch in the NFL? 
8. Since at the end of the day we will get notification from NFL refs master Dean Blandino this week attempting to clarify calls. 
9. Everybody saw the end-zone block attempt in the second from last quarter by the Redskins. But the NFL. They called it fragmented. 
10. Also, there was the "touchdown get" by Allen Robinson of the Jaguars. Everyone, including the refs, knew he didn't finish the catch as he principles are expressed. In this way, obviously, it was overruled and Jacksonville was granted a touchdown. 
11. Blandino will go ahead state-claimed TV (NFL Network) and attempt to persuade us the group comprehends what it is doing here. And all we will believe is, "C'mon, Dean, you're calling heads or tails, right?" 
12. We attempted to let you know before the season the Eagles and Vikings would be the last undefeated groups in the NFC. Alright, perhaps we didn't. 
13. Coincidentally, a short reminder to every one of the proprietors who went on Mike Zimmer as a head mentor: You fouled up. 
14. The Miami Dolphins watched a snapshot of quiet respect Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez, slaughtered in a sculling mischance. As we as a whole did. Miserable. 
15. Thursday flashback: The live-stream on Twitter is much cooler than we suspected it would be. (We would say all the more however needed to hold this under 140 characters). 
16. Here is something we don't get the chance to compose all the time yet did amid the principal half Sunday: Four straight three-and-outs for a Rex Ryan barrier. 
17. To every one of the Jets players who cried they needed Ryan Fitzpatrick and not Geno Smith: Guess you now have a few turnovers to run with your cry. 
18. Fitzpatrick, coincidentally, shined a different light on pick six, both tossing one and for being captured that multiple occasions
19. On the off chance that you didn't see the one gave capture by Patrick Peterson in the primary half against the Bills, kindly do as such at this point. We will sit tight for you to get back. 
20. No, Bill Belichick does not stroll on water. Be that as it may, we believe it's simply because he picks not to do it. 

21. So that is the RB the Cowboys thought they were getting when they drafted Ezekiel Elliott.
22. At a certain point Sunday: Cardinals had two fewer punts (5) than yards (7). 
23. The Browns are letting Terrelle Pryor do everything. Quarterback. Collector. Wellbeing. We can hardly wait for Cleveland's bye week. We are going to give him a chance to compose the "40 things." Hey, we require a bye week, as well. 
24. The haters going to loathe on Cam Newton after that execution. What's more, we're not going to protect him. He needs to play superior to that. 
25. The Rams scored a touchdown! The Rams scored a touchdown! And after that, they simply continued scoring. Amazing. 
26. The football divine beings were so stunned by the Rams' hostile blast they sent a lightning storm with two minutes to go so they could regain some composure. 
27. The Broncos grabbed five first downs on Bengals punishments. A few things never show signs of change. 
28. Andrew Siciliano of the Red Zone Channel had an extraordinary line after the Browns' first ownership: "It needed everything except for bazaar music." 
29. Rex Ryan. Mentor of the Year. Simply ask him. 
30. For reasons unknown, the Steelers can't live with achievement. Everyone develops them, calls Big Ben the MVP … and after that, they lay an egg in Philly. 
31. Ravens kicker Justin Tucker nailed his thirteenth vocation proceed field objective in the final quarter or additional time, most in the last five seasons. 
32. Kansas City Chiefs CB Marcus Peters now has 13 block attempts in his initial 21 amusements. Darrelle Revis and Deion Sanders had six each, for correlation. 
33. Viking's resistance. Eight sacks against Panthers. The most underrated unit in the NFL. 
34. The reality the Seahawks need to give week by week damage reports on QB Russell Wilson is not a decent sign. Just sayin'. 
35. Is Marcus Mariota relapsing or is that just us imagining that? 
36. Well subsequent to missing three field objectives, you would think Cody Parkey's stay in Cleveland will be short. Then again he will be the beginning QB one week from now. Either. 
37. After a noteworthy begin, the Bucs have returned to playing like, well, the Bucs. 
38. It's another difficult misfortune for the Chargers at the same time, kid, did the Colts require that win Sunday. 
39. Kirk Cousins is bad at this clock administration thing toward the end of equal parts, would he say he is? 
40. Has Ryan Fitzpatrick tossed another capture attempt yet? 

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