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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Carson Wentz looks like real deal again as Eagles beat Bears

Carson Wentz is demolishing it for new kids on the block all over the place.

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He should battle, biting the bullet on the field and in the standings while he arranges the NFL's precarious expectation to absorb information. Alternately, even better, riding the seat, sticking around for his chance behind a veteran until mentors and the front office are fulfilled he's prepared to steer without a doubt.

Obviously nobody told Wentz that.

Pushed into the starter's part barely two weeks prior after the exchange of Sam Bradford, Wentz put on another great execution in Monday night's 29-14 win over the Chicago Bears. Yes, his two begins have come against the NFL's JV — with statements of regret to JVs wherever — and there is a considerable measure of football still to be played.

In any case, the Philadelphia Eagles are 2-0, one of just three NFC groups that can say that. Any individual who claims they saw this coming when the No. 2 pick in the draft moved to the leader of the class is lying.

"I'm feeling better than average," Wentz said. "I more often than not feel great notwithstanding when terrible plays happen. I've recently got the opportunity to continue stopping without end. I feel sure."

What has made Wentz's presentation so striking is that the Eagles are not winning notwithstanding him. Keep in mind when Ben Roethlisberger took the Pittsburgh Steelers to the AFC Championship Game as a new kid on the block? Indeed, he had his minutes, yet it was the safeguard that conveyed that group.

That is not the situation here. Once more, it's initial. Be that as it may, beside not ensuring himself better when he scrambles, Wentz is not committing tenderfoot errors.

He's not committing errors, period.

Wentz turned into the principal newbie quarterback in NFL history to start a season 2-0 without submitting a turnover, his precision and liquid tossing movement never giving adversaries any openings. Wentz was "just" 21 of 34 Monday, however a few of those inadequacies were the issue of beneficiaries with genuine instances of the butterfingers.

Yes, Jordan Matthews, this implies you.

An imaginable touchdown was transformed into a field objective by Jacoby Glenn, who swatted a ball far from Philadelphia tight end Trey Burton on the objective line. Furthermore, the Eagles had each privilege to cry around a no-approach Glenn for pass impedance on a profound ball to Nelson Agholor.

In spite of that, Wentz never got bothered. This was Monday Night Football, and there are numerous veteran quarterbacks who have blurred under its brilliant lights. Yes, Jay Cutler, this implies you.