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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Four Dolphins Bow | Chiefs CB Peters Raises Clench Hand Amid National Song of Devotion

After he and three Miami Dolphins partners bowed amid the national song of praise on Sunday, running back Arian Foster disclosed he felt constrained to join San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in standing in opposition to police ruthlessness and racial disparities.

Foster was joined by Dolphins wide recipient Kenny Stills, security Michael Thomas and linebacker Jelani Jenkins in bowing for The Star-Spangled Banner preceding a 12-10 misfortune to the Seattle Seahawks.

Confronting feedback was not a hindrance for the veteran Foster, who joined the Dolphins in July following a seven-year profession with the Houston Texans.

"They say it's not an ideal opportunity to do this," Foster said. "At the point when is the time? It's never the time in another person's eye, since they'll generally feel like it's sufficient. What's more, a few people don't. That is the lovely thing about this nation. On the off chance that some individual feels it's sufficiently bad, they have that privilege. That is everything we're doing, practicing that privilege."

The four Dolphins players gave off an impression of being the main players not remaining for the song of devotion on Sunday. Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall stooped in the season opener Thursday. Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane and 49ers security Eric Reid took after Kaepernick's lead in their groups' preseason finales.

Foster said he thought taking a knee was not a type of irreverence.

"It's not about the symbology that individuals are distraught about. It's the message and the general population who are stating it," Foster said. "Since on the off chance that it's a knee that individuals are vexed about, each Sunday individuals of confidence take a knee to express gratefulness to their Lord and rescuer, whatever religion they are."

Dolphins proprietor Stephen Ross talked with the players preceding Sunday's showcase and said he upheld their choice.

"I don't think it was any absence of appreciation. I think everyone here — our group and our entire association — regards the banner and what it remains for, and the troopers and everything. Be that as it may, these folks are making a discussion of something that is a vital subject in this nation, and I'm 100% steady of them."

Foster said reflection was required before the choice however that he felt constrained to join the dissent.

"It never unfolded on to me to create an impression like that," Foster said. "That is the reason I feel like what Colin did — I concur with him and I comprehend 100% what he's doing. Instead of fighting with anyone freely about which way was the correct way and which way was the wrong way, I removed my sense of self from it and said 'This discussion has begun by and by.' I have an inclination that I had an obligation to keep it going, on the grounds that it's solid discussion.

"This is precisely what this nation is about. We have individuals in different nations that in the event that they stand up, they get executed. They get slaughtered. They get tormented. That is not what this is about. In the event that someone can't help contradicting it, they can differ with it. However, regard that privilege to challenge."