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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Omar Mateen, Twice Scrutinized by F.B.I., Shows Threat of Lone Terrorists

WASHINGTON — When a youthful American man from waterfront Florida drove a truck pressed with explosives into a ridge eatery in Syria in May 2014, F.B.I. specialists scoured his online postings and talked with his contacts in Florida in a scramble to figure out who, in the event that anybody, may attempt to dispatch a comparable assault inside the United States.
Omar Mateen was put on an F.B.I. watch list after making inflammatory comments to co-workers claiming connections to terrorists abroad.

One of the general population they addressed was Omar Mateen, a youthful security protect from a close-by town who had gone to the same mosque as the suicide aircraft and had been on a terrorism watch list for ignitable remarks he once made to collaborators at a nearby courthouse. In any case, the F.B.I. before long finished its examination of Mr. Mateen in the wake of finding no proof that he represented a terrorist risk to his group.

That cheerful determination was overturned in a bleeding fit of savagery early Sunday morning when Mr. Mateen lethally shot many individuals at a dance club in Orlando, Fla., before being murdered by cops who raged the club to end the standoff. The terrible occasions at the Pulse dance club left 49 dead and have left relatives, neighbors and government agents attempting to sort out signs about what may have driven Mr. Mateen, 29, to do such unspeakable savagery.

The administration examination could take months, yet an early examination of Mr. Mateen's life uncovers a contempt of gay individuals and a stew of disagreements. He was a man who could fascinate, adored Afghan music and delighted in moving, yet he was additionally viciously harsh. Relatives said he was not excessively religious, but rather he was inflexible and moderate in his view that his better half ought to remain generally at home. The F.B.I. chief said on Monday that Mr. Mateen had once guaranteed binds to both Al Qaeda and Hezbollah — two radical gatherings savagely contradicted to each other.

Specialists now confront the topic of how much the killings were the demonstration of a profoundly aggravated man, as his previous spouse and others depicted him, and the amount he was driven by religious or political belief system. Whatever drove him to complete the shootings, his activities highlight the trouble for the American government in attempting to address another style of terrorism — arbitrary demonstrations of viciousness that may have been in any event mostly enlivened by the Islamic State yet were not coordinated by the gathering's pioneers.

Dissimilar to Al Qaeda, which supports profoundly composed and arranged operations, the Islamic State has urged anybody to rise up in its name, and uses a refined crusade of online networking to motivate future assaults by flimsy people with little history of grasping radical Islam. President Obama said Monday that there was no proof that the Islamic State really coordinated Sunday's assault, which would make Mr. Mateen's case part of an example of local radicalization.
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Daniel Gilroy, a former co-worker of Omar Mateen, describes what he calls “unstable” and at times frightening behavior.
 By DAN RUETENIK and ROBIN LINDSAY on Publish DateJune 14, 2016. .

American authorities have said that those under reconnaissance in the United States for conceivable binds to the gathering as a rule have little terrorism ability or outside backing, which makes defeating an Islamic State-motivated assault less like halting a conventional demonstration of terrorism and more like attempting to keep a shooting at a school or film theater.

The child of Afghan migrants, Mr. Mateen was conceived in New York in 1986, moved to Florida with his family in 1991 and spent his initial years there in the Port St. Lucie territory close to the state's east drift. He made companions as a tyke at a neighborhood mosque, and constructed kinships amid sleep gatherings and ball games, and playing computer games. He ricocheted between employments in secondary school and school. In court records associated with a 2006 name change — from Omar Mir Seddique to Omar Mir Seddique Mateen — he said he had held eight employments in around four years, including act as a food merchant and as a sales representative at a PC store.

He earned a partner degree in criminal equity innovation from Indian River State College in 2006, the year he started working for the Florida Department of Corrections at an office only west of Port St. Lucie.

He cleared out that occupation six months after the fact, and inside six months he had looked for some kind of employment with G4S, a substantial private security organization that has won huge government contracts for work both in the United States and abroad. He was doled out to ensure no less than two properties amid his years at the firm: PGA Village, a golf club, and the St. Lucie County Courthouse complex.

Mr. Mateen had a home in Fort Pierce, on the Atlantic Coast. On Monday morning, a correspondent told the police that the house's sliding glass indirect access was open. Officers went to the home and "found the entryway open, perhaps by power, making suspicion of a thievery," a police representative said. "Investigators will catch up to figure out whether, truth be told, it was a robbery."

Mr. Mateen met his future spouse, Sitora Yusufiy, on MySpace in 2008. Both were on the site searching for affection and in the end marriage, and she was attracted to him on account of his appealing and amusing messages.
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Seddique Mir Mateen, the father of the nightclub gunman, Omar Mateen, said Monday that his son had committed an “act of terrorism.” Credit

Amid a meeting Monday at her home in Boulder, Colo., Ms. Yusufiy said he appeared to be flawless — sufficiently american for her free soul and sufficiently muslim to satisfy her conventional family.

"This man was a straightforward, Americanized fellow that was additionally from my way of life. What's more, you know, had the same religion," she said. "So I resembled, O.K., this could conceivably fulfill my folks."

She moved to Florida, and they wedded in a tranquil courthouse service in 2009, however the fleeting marriage was damaged by brutality and separation, she said. She had no companions or family in Florida, and Mr. Mateen favored that she stay in the house.

She said he now and then came back from work irate and unsettled, including one night when she nodded off on the floor sitting tight for him to return home.

"All I recollect is being woken up by a pad being taken from under my head," she said. "I hit my head on the ground and afterward he began pulling my hair."

"He just about executed me," she said. "Since he began stifling me. Also, I some way or another received in return and I attempted to handle him."
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She said that Mr. Mateen may have been gay yet concealed his actual personality out of outrage and disgrace. A senior government law authorization official said on Monday that the F.B.I. was taking a gander at reports that Mr. Mateen had utilized a gay dating application, and supporters of Pulse were cited in news reports as saying that he had gone to the club a few times.

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Ms. Yusufiy said that her ex had advised her that he frequented dance club before their marriage, yet that he didn't advise her they were gay clubs.

The couple isolated inside a year, and in 2011 Mr. Mateen petitioned for separation. In the court recording, Mr. Mateen said the marriage was "hopelessly broken." He didn't intricate.

He went to the F.B.I's. consideration in 2013, when some of his colleagues reported that he had made incendiary remarks guaranteeing associations with abroad terrorists, and saying he trusted that the F.B.I. would assault his family's home with the goal that he could turn into a saint.

The F.B.I. opened an examination and put Mr. Mateen on a terrorist watch list for almost a year.

James Comey, the F.B.I. executive, said amid a news meeting on Monday that specialists utilized different techniques to explore Mr. Mateen, including sending a covert source who reached the suspect, wiretapping his discussions and examining his own and monetary records.

They likewise looked for assistance from Saudi insight authorities to take in more about his excursions to the kingdom in 2011 and 2012 for the Umrah, a consecrated journey to Mecca made by Muslims. More than 11,000 Americans make journeys to Mecca every year, and Mr. Comey said the F.B.I. found no "slanderous" data about his excursions.

Moner Mohammad Abusalha, who attended the same Florida mosque as Omar Mateen, traveled to Syria and carried out a suicide bombing in 2014.CreditAl-Manara Al-Baydaa, via Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Amid meetings with F.B.I. operators, as indicated by Mr. Comey, Mr. Mateen said he had made the combustible comments "in resentment" since his associates had scorned his Muslim foundation and he needed to startle them. The F.B.I. shut its examination and took him off the terrorist watch list.

Be that as it may, after two months, in July 2014, his name reemerged regarding the young fellow from beach front Florida, Moner Mohammad Abusalha, who had set out to Syria and did the suicide bombarding at the ridge eatery. Over the span of that examination, F.B.I. specialists discovered that the two men had gone to the same mosque and knew each other "calmly," Mr. Comey said.
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The F.B.I. talked with Mr. Mateen a third time, yet discovered that his binds to the suicide aircraft were not noteworthy. The authority had no further contact with Mr. Mateen.

Mr. Comey guarded the work of his specialists, in spite of the fact that the agency's treatment of the case is prone to be the subject of examination and feedback in the coming weeks.

Still, cases, for example, these annoy F.B.I. counterterrorism specialists, who trust they draw feedback for any decisions they make — either to leave cases open too long, or for shutting cases that don't appear to have enough confirmation.

Wear Borelli, a resigned F.B.I. counterterrorism boss in New York, said there was a threat in condemning specialists who close examinations for absence of confirmation.

"Can we permit individuals' prospects to be influenced if there is no demonstrated premise for it? That is the other side to this," he said.

Sally Yates, the appointee lawyer general, told correspondents on Monday that the Justice Department may hope to embrace new strategies that would ready counterterrorism specialists on the off chance that somebody who had been on a dread watch list attempted to purchase a weapon.

Mr. Mateen purchased the two weapons utilized as a part of the assault only this month, authorities said. "One would have gotten a kick out of the chance to have thought about it," Ms. Yates said.

Government agents are currently left to filter through dissimilar pieces of information looking for any unmistakable thought process in Sunday's killings.

The Islamic State has attempted to transform the wicked occasion into a promulgation upset, and on Monday the gathering's day by day news release gloated about the immense triumph did by "our sibling, Omar Mateen."

Mr. Mateen's dad, Seddique Mir Mateen, was unequivocal on Monday that his child had submitted a "demonstration of terrorism." But the senior Mr. Mateen and other relatives said they were still baffled why a young fellow who had never been especially religious is presently being fixing to the Islamic State's dangerous belief system.

They said that now they can locate no simple clarifications.

"Why did he do this?" his dad inquired. "He was conceived in America. He went to class in America. He set off for college — why did he do that?"

"I am as confounded as you seem to be."