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Friday, May 20, 2016

Buckingham Palace trespasser was convicted murderer

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LONDON (AP) — A sentenced killer moved over a divider and meandered the grounds of Buckingham Palace while Queen Elizabeth II was at home, British prosecutors said Friday.

Dennis Hennessy, 41, conceded to trespass amid an appearance at Westminster Magistrates' Court.

He was captured in the royal residence grounds on Wednesday evening. Police said he was not outfitted, and asserted efforts to establish safety had "worked viably."

Prosecutor Tom Nicholson told the court that Hennessy strolled around the greenery enclosures for around 10 minutes toward the royal residence before being captured. As he was kept he asked "is Ma'am in?" — a politeness term utilized for the ruler.

In a police meeting he said had "strolled through the patio nurseries appreciating the perspective."

Prosecutors said Hennessy was on parole subsequent to being sentenced the homicide of a vagrant in 1992.

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