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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Religion, Arts and Science - Why Branches of the Same Tree?

Every single human creation can be isolated extensively into three classes i.e. science, religion and expressions. At first, craftsmanship alluded to any human aptitude or dominance. However amid the sentimental period, craftsmanship was isolated from the other two principle branches of human creation i.e. science and religion. Expressions, science and religion are presently considered as various specializations that have nothing in like manner.
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Albert Einstein said "All religions, expressions and sciences are branches of the same tree. " Yet we don't know why? All things considered, religion depends on confidence requiring no proof. Science depends on certainty that must be demonstrated by proof. Workmanship identifies with human feeling and requires neither confidence nor proof as we probably am aware it is a fiction or an item made absolutely from the creative ability of a human personality.

Craftsmanship: An Imagination that necessities enthusiastic proof 

It is to a great degree hard to characterize workmanship. Workmanship is, luckily, a work of human creative energy and imagination that is free from any servitude or test. The main reason, why a specific music is considered as a craftsmanship, is that it speaks to the audience. The test of a decent painting is the valuation for the viewer. No rationale, reason or verification is required to term a craftsmanship tantamount to its lone foundation is that it ought to be valued by individuals.

While both science and religion cases to be authentic and the representation of the truth, craftsmanship has no doubt in conceding that it is only a fiction. In actuality, some types of expressions like films and books obviously express that these are the work of fiction and any likeness with the truth or the truth is simply coincidental. Writing, another type of workmanship, is formally called fiction as everything in the novel or the story is imaginary which are made absolutely from human creative ability.
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Therefore one key component of workmanship is that it is not a representation of certainty or reality. However a decent motion picture or a story makes you cry, expands your heart-beat, makes you chuckle and makes you overlook that it is not a reality. The impact of a decent workmanship is the same than that made by the truth.

The most fascinating thing around a craftsmanship is that it influences your feelings and not the brain. When you are perusing a thriller like "Da Vinci Code, your brain is particularly mindful that everything in the novel is a fiction, yet you can't control your feelings which rises in the peruser as though you are perusing a genuine story of the characters in the genuine circumstance. In a run of the mill fiction, all the characters and circumstances are made by the creative ability of the creator, yet they appear to be entirely genuine. A fiction is, in this manner, not a work of any creative energy but rather it comprises of numerous certainties and substances that makes the fiction like a reality.
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It can be contrasted and a work of art of a delightful young lady. The young lady might be nonexistent, yet the elements of the young lady have a nearby likeness with genuine young ladies. The shades of the painter are likewise genuine, which may not be precisely same as the genuine young lady give the impression of the genuine young lady, when woven from the creative energy of the viewer. A craftsman makes the body of the truth yet the spirit of the truth originates from the creative ability of the viewer who pours his own particular soul in the workmanship. Thusly, when a novel is perused by a million people, every individual envision the characters and circumstance from his own particular creative ability.

In this manner a workmanship is made by the creative energy of the craftsman which speaks to the feelings of different persons. The genuine test of a craftsmanship is not the test of Truth (how close it is from Truth) however the amount it would seem that Truth. The test of workmanship is not the confirmation or proof it has but rather how the peruser sees reality in the fiction. To pass on the genuine message in the appearance of inventive characters and circumstance itself is a craftsmanship which no one but craftsmen can get it. On the off chance that the craftsmanship neglects to impact the heart (feelings) of the general population, it can't be said to be a decent workmanship.

Science: An Imagination that necessities material proof 

Science is the learning that is made by the creative energy (speculation) of human personality however undeniable by the material certainties and proofs. A researcher commonly watches a marvel, estimate a clarification for the wonder, anticipate an intelligent outcome of the supposition, test the expectation, and survey for any errors. Consequently the beginning of science is a theory that a researcher mention in the wake of making an objective fact. The basic test of the science is its similarity with the material confirmation.

Theory is only creative ability of the researcher. Along these lines each logical hypothesis like workmanship discovers its starting point in the creative energy of the human personality. In any case, science identifies with matter and its truth must be tried by material confirmation. For instance, if E=mc2 was not unquestionable by examinations, researcher would have disposed of the relativity hypothesis of Einstein, regardless of the soundness of the contention or the hypothesis.
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Religion: An Imagination that requirements Social confirmation 

A religion frequently alludes to a sorted out arrangement of convictions and beliefs in regards to the otherworldly or powerful world. The idea of religion might have the idea of God. All Religions, be that as it may, have some arrangement of normal accepts and ceremonies that are required to be trailed by its adherents.

Religions are an inquisitive blend of science and expressions. The adherents of the religions are totally certain about the honesty of their sacred texts while other individuals frequently discover it a work of fiction. Nonetheless, not at all like expressions, where the craftsmen dependably tell the general population that the workmanship is a making of their creative energy, the prophets or the originator of the religion frequently call it a gospel Truth which they have gained straightforwardly from God..

Consequently, religions like expressions and sciences likewise appears to begin from human creative energy. Frequently, its makers are known as prophets or child of God who gained the information straightforwardly from the God or Spirit. For instance, Bible and Koran are thought to be the disclosure of God to the prophets and accepted to be the expressions of God. Gita is accepted to be the expressions of Lord Krishna. Be that as it may, a few religions like Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism are accepted to be started from mortal people despite the fact that, the devotee of their religions frequently attempt to commend their status to the level of divinity by calling Mahavir Jain and Buddha not as conventional individuals but rather symbols or the incarnation of God and building their statues like God.

One Tree Many Branches 

It is clear that the wellspring of all expressions, science and religion is the creative energy of the human personality. Nonetheless, the human creative energies are given distinctive names like fiction, speculation or the disclosure relying on the creation. At the point when, Newton saw the apple tumbling from a tree, he envisioned the power of attractive energy that was pulling in the apple towards the earth. Galileo shaped his heliocentric hypothesis of the close planetary system taking into account his creative ability that earth was rotating around sun. This was a phenomenal creative energy that was past the view of the faculties. He had no uncommon sense to picture how monstrous earth could rotate around a modest (looking) sun. Einstein envisioned that all movements of the planets are just relative or that light is both a molecule and a wave in view of his creative ability.

However nobody knows why such creative ability emerged in the psyches of such picked people. Is it safe to say that it was the craving of God to show the Truth through these individuals? Then again would it say it was the longing of man to find the Truth that prompt such creative energy? The main speculation is the one that is given by the devotees or the religious individuals. In any case, in the event that we assume the honesty of second theory then likewise the inquiry remains, why such longing emerged in those people that at last finished into such exceptional creative energy?

Body Mind and Soul 

All religions and otherworldly individuals put stock in the presence of body, psyche, soul and soul (or God). Nonetheless, science does not put stock in something besides body as it considers even the psyche as the part of the body (cerebrum) and clarifies the musings regarding bio-chemicals. These idea are clarified in various religions. Gita (III 42) clarifies the relationship of body, brain, soul and Spirit in the accompanying words.

The faculties are better than the body. Over the faculties is the brain, over the psyche is the spirit (singular knowledge) or more the spirit is God (Universal Intelligence or Spirit).

In view of this hypothesis, we find that there are four level of development of human considerations. A man "sees" the world distinctively relying on the "stage" of his development.

Eyes of Body: The principal level of advancement is the level of body. At this level, we see the world from according to the body. This capacity is regular to every one of the creatures on the planet as every one has the eyes of the body. At this stage some things are only possible to accept after witnessing them first hand.

Eyes of the Mind: In the following level of advancement, we can see the world from the eyes of the psyche, i.e. utilizing the rationale and thinking. We trust that everything on the planet can be clarified by the brain. We see what is before our eyes, as well as what can't be seen from the physical eyes. For instance, you see an auto moving, you realize that it must have driver that is driving the auto. It is a phase when you see what you accept.

Eyes of the Soul: The following level of development is accomplished when we see the confinement of rationale in clarifying the world. At that point we attempt to comprehend the world from our own discernment and experience. The insightful individuals dependably trusted that to know the world, you should know your self. At this stage a man considers "Ahem Brahmasm" (I am the universe). As Upanishads properly expressed numerous thousand years back.

Just like the human body, so is the enormous body

Just like the human personality, so as the enormous personality

Just like the microcosm, so is the universe

S Radhakrshnan, one of the best Indian scholars of the advanced science wholes up the idea of the world inside in the accompanying words

The philosophical endeavor to decide the way of reality may begin either with the reasoning self or the object of thought. In India the enthusiasm of rationality is in the self of man. .. In India "Atmanam viddhi" Know the self, wholes up the law and the prophets. With man is the soul which is the focal point of everything.

In this admiration, even western contemplation's were not altogether different. Socrates said

"You can't instruct a man a thing. You can just help him find it inside himself."

Man is equipped for picturing the Truths or the privileged insights of the universe that is neither obvious from the eyes or faculties nor reasonable by brain and rationale. These are Truths that are accessible in expressions, religion and science. We realize that we need to help a crying tyke or poor without knowing the rationale and reason that other individuals should likewise think in like manner. We cry when we see bad form and we realize that it is an all inclusive craving of man. When we know ourselves, we can know the universe

Eyes of the Spirit: When a man develops to the level of soul, he can see the whole world as the expansion of his own self. The points of confinement of time and space stops to exist as his spirit get one with the spirit of the all inclusive soul or soul. From here he comprehend the contemplation's of God or the profound mystery of nature. All awesome creative ability and works of art are made just when a man can reach to the last phase of development. At this level, the spirit is lifted to the level of soul and the man moves most distant from the material body. Notwithstanding, this stage is not lasting as the man is soon taken back to the world, by the powers of the material world. However all the while, he obtains the musings of God. This is the most astounding condition of creative energy and one finds the contemplation's of God at this stage.
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Interpretation of Divine Knowledge for the World 

Once a man knows the contemplation's of God or the most profound privileged insights of the universe, the trouble is, how to make the world accept about what one has seen from the eyes of the soul? His thoughts appears to be imbecilic to the world as these are special and not fathomable to the conventional man.

One technique to persuade about the Truth is to create the creative energy in words or in different types of workmanship like fiction, motion picture, visual craftsmanship, music, lyric and so forth. On the off chance that there is a generally accepted fact in these expressions, it would influence the souls of other individuals as they would discover the Truths in these fictions regardless of the possibility that it can't be demonstrated. The characters and circumstance might be nonexistent in the fiction yet reality in the workmanship can be acknowledged by the eyes of the spirit. Subsequently a craftsmanship is only the Truth that can't be clarified by rationale or reason. In this manner workmanship is a technique for the statement of truths that are not to be demonstrated by rationale or experimental proofs yet to be acknowledged by the heart or feelings of the spectator.

However, it doesn't imply that workmanship is without rationale or confirmation. No individual would acknowledge a silly thought as craftsmanship. In the event that the motion pictures or the fiction are without rationale, individuals can never acknowledge it. Be that as it may, the craftsman is under no commitment to offer rationale to what he says or does nor to give confirmation to it.

Religious standards too require demonstrate by the general public. It, in this way, has harder paradigm for acknowledgment. Reality of the religion must be tried with genuine individuals. Much of the time, the Prophets or Gurus themselves give the verification of reality by applying it on themselves and fulfilling the curiosity of the other individuals by giving agreeable answers to their questions. The life of Jesus or Mohammad is a proof that their truths were genuine and satisfactory to the general public. Same can be said with Buddha, Jain and Guru Nanak thus with the originators of the various orders. Envision, if Buddha would have said the same things, while he was a dacoit or a cheat. Nobody would have listened to his words. In this way religions too require confirmation.

On the off chance that the religion claims powerful and magical outcomes, individuals expect wonders from the prophets and Gurus. In any case, no such marvels are normal in the religions that depend on rationale, quite Buddhism and Jainism. In this way reality of the religion must be tried by the general population after some time. Just when, religion has been tried over drawn out stretch of time, it is acknowledged by the general population as an issue of confidence. Confidence is not the reason for the religion but rather the result of its Truth.

Reality of a religion is material for the general public, consequently it must persuade a general public by making it more grounded, merrier and more symphonious. Christianity, Islam and Hinduism played a vital part in the mix of substantial number of individuals in Europe, Middle East and Indian subcontinents and made its adherent all the more intense, prosperous and more satisfied.
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A logical hypothesis too begins with a creative ability or theory made by the researcher. Be that as it may, a researcher needs to persuade the world by giving material confirmation to the hypothesis. It can be either as trials or as rationale. However material confirmation is the center of science. For instance, despite the fact that, Einstein gave the extraordinary hypothesis of relativity in 1905 and the general hypothesis of relativity in 1916, in light of which he anticipated the bowing of starlight in the region of a monstrous body, for example, the Sun, yet his theory was affirmed just in 1919 amid an obscuration of the Sun. It is at exactly that point, established researchers acknowledged his hypotheses and recompensed him the Noble prize for the paper of photoelectric that was composed in 1905. Since reality of science relates to matters, henceforth it must be tried on matter.


Expressions, Science and Religion discover their inception from the creative energy of the human personality. However all creative impulses may not be valid. In this way, every creative ability needs to demonstrated before it is acknowledged by the world. In this way these are the branches of the same tree as properly said by Einstein as they all speak to reality, contemplations of God or the mystery of the universe that are uncovered to human personality from his creative ability.

Life is a riddle which can not be clarified either by science or by sacred texts. Truth has a body and a spirit which we call science and religion. In spite of prominent recognition, they are not contradicted to each other but rather supplement each other like body and soul. Actually, they can not exist without each other.