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LOS ANGELES — An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.2 rocked Southern California, rousing residents out of bed at about 1:05 a.m. PT on Friday. Read More

Manmade global warming greatly increased the risk of extreme rain affecting the French capital, analysis shows Read More

Obvious proofs all through the globe demonstrate that worldwide atmosphere has changed contrasted with the pre-modern period and is relied upon to proceed with the pattern through 21st century and past. Read More

"Our era has acquired a fantastically wonderful world from our folks and they from their folks. It is in our grasp whether our youngsters and their kids acquire the same world"  Read More

Scientists hope large-scale maps will offer new insight into effects of warming and pollution as previous studies have almost always been done up close in the  Read More

Solid is most likely not the principal descriptive word that environmental change doubters would use about their position. At any rate that is my decision given the untouchable status presented on any individual who opposes the customary way of thinking that environmental change is both terrible and brought about by human movement. Read More