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Judge people by their actions, not their words. Judge situations and things by history, not knee-jerk reactions. If you have a boss that screams at you, curses you and harasses you, even if he/she hides in sheep's clothing for a time, it is still a vicious wolf. Read More

Faith, by its very definition, is what you have when you do not have proof. Yet, for many faith is all the proof that they need. What is faith and is it really a foundation for the search for truth? Read More

Is it possible to have the very best of everything in life? In this article, I will give suggestions to living a full active life and making sure everyone gets their fair share of your time and energy. Read More

The Four F's that pretty much shape our lives. Most people are concerned about all four. Most people fail at 2 to 3 of these. If I showed you a way to overcome two would you be better equipped to handle the other two? Read More