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Comfort Food Addiction

Comfort food addiction and being emotionally stress are linked together with a Culture that offers so many comfort foods makes the art of eating challenging.  Over eating and over weight are stress related for its a away to relax your emotional stress by tiring your body out physically and emotionally.  Using the power of core/breathing to enhance your spirit force while you preparing food, how you eat your food and cleaning up food after yourself affects addiction by increasing person sense strength to create choices about their emotional reality.  Read More

Learn seven secrets the pet food manufacturers don't want you to know. This article gives you the exact information you need to know to help you find the best possible food for your dog or cat. Read More

As a qualified personal trainer and health coach I've evaluated a lot of diets and meal plans over the years. I always ask, "So what is your diet like?" And the most common response is... "Oh my diet's pretty good actually." It's not until we delve deeper into what people are consuming on a daily basis where we start to realize that their diet wasn't that healthy after all. Just because a food product is sitting on a supermarket shelf doesn't mean that it's ok to eat. Think about it. Read More

Four Ways to Keep Your Food Safe

Four Ways to Keep Your Food Safe
There is an old English saying "Food cooked with passion and served with love tastes divine." Trust me, it is true even today! Every food enthusiast (like you and me) is well aware that the soul of any good recipe resides in the right blend of spices and fresh natural ingredients. But we might sometimes miss upon an even more important ingredient while cooking food, and which more often than not tampers with the soul  Read More

Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Foods

When it comes to long-term food storage, many people are confused about the differences between freeze-dried food and dehydrated food. Which type of food preservation is better? Is there really any significant difference between them? Read More

Artificial Food
Remember the days of locally grown, fresh produce being sold in a small market? Those days are gone. Today we have mega stores selling predominately processed and artificial food. How does the average Mom choose what is best for them and their family in this chaotic world of artificial and unhealthy food? Our children's future health depends on our ability to maneuver through this madness. Read More