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The most tragic thing about Bangla (Bengali) literature today is the absence of information about it in Internet. Internet is the biggest place for information and millions of people are browsing for information and entertainment everyday. If you do a search in Google about Bangla (Bengali) Read More

Literature as common understanding suggests is a representative body of texts admired and appreciated for its formal properties as well as its thematic concerns, which most would term vaguely as artistic or even aesthetic. If asked on the relevance of literature the response would be that the study of literature is akin to appreciating the arts. Read More

We will see what the essence of literature is and what it should be? How literature reflects human emotions, life, complexities, problems and hearted ness? Read More

An inspiring article on the value of reading and studying English literature, considering the insights, knowledge, and personal benefits it can bring to readers and students alike.  The author is the editor of 'The Essentials of Literature in English post-1914', Read More

Writing as basic comprehension proposes is a delegate assemblage of writings respected and acknowledged for its formal properties and also its topical concerns, which most would term ambiguously as masterful or even tasteful. Read More