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For three hundred and sixty four days, 33% of the world's populace that is Christian discusses peace. What's more, for one day of the year they figure out how to experience Read More

Peace of Mind - 3 Keys Take You Beyond the Myths

I think there are few things more important than peace of mind. However, the path to that space can be extremely corrupt. I would like to show you how to achieve peace of mind right now in this article. I hope I do a decent job of it. Read More

Peace is not an absolute point of arrival, not a discrete state of absence or possession, but a sliding scale of variable states of tranquility. The peace progression can be identified as three distinct levels of attainment including random peace, deliberate peace, and continuous peace. As peace becomes our purpose we can more easily stand as a positive example of living the virtues that lead directly to a peaceful life. Read More

World Peace is everybody's responsibility. We live here together and affect one another. We owe it to ourselves to make world peace a personal relationship. Easy, subtle effort we could do rather than just praying for it. Faith without action is dead! Read More

Not just do our present times give off an impression of being a consistent test for peace, yet even in my own particular life, peace is tested every now and again. As a Soul Master, I realize that peace is a quality, much like love, or bliss,Read More