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Social Welfare

Makati City, a bustling metropolis in the Philippines populated with over 500,000 people. The city is noted for its cosmopolitan culture and sprawling business and shopping centers making it the country's financial capital and major cultural and entertainment hub. Though noted for its promising image as a melting pot of high-paying jobs and a stronghold of the affluent in society, it is also a concrete jungle for penniless vagabonds. Read More

The growth in the number of children that live in single parent homes has instigated the need for policies and programs to improve the status of single-parent families. Single parents confront tensions that arise from their dual responsibility of raising their children while simultaneously earning a living. Read More

Many people are confused with the term social worker and their responsibilities. All the activities and tasks related to social welfare are handled by government, private organizations, NGOs or individuals. They handle the matters of family services, emergency services, counseling and other welfare. Read More

Private or public sector, qualified social workers are much in demand and have ample job opportunities whether they have a fresh degree or some experience at hand. It is believed that majority of workers are employed by public sector agencies if the recruitment is done via direct hiring or through a private placement organization. A benefit that qualified social work professionals have while working in the public sector is that, they are able to work in different areas and are able to interact with variety of people likewise. Read More

First thing to do when you take a decision to become a social worker is to give a pat on your back. The society needs and respects social workers. Social work is a broad aspect, wherein the details are customized as per the requirements and also as per the government based protocols. Read More

In this modern era everyone encounters some public problems, as people have become so busy in their lives, and as a result, more and more issues arise. As per some common conditions which have an immense effect on our society and work culture there are many institutes, organizations and individuals engaged in social welfare Read More

The role of a social worker is performed in numerous settings which include institutions, counseling services, fields and everything related to an individual's everyday issues that are expected to stunt one's progress in life and society. An individual who adopts serving mankind as a profession indicates that a person nourishes a strong and passionate energy for human welfare and thus, Read More

This article discusses the everyday reality of survival within our socio-economic status, hence the dependence in which government places on an oppressed population of people in need with lack of resources to develop independence.  Read More