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Monday, July 4, 2016

How Many People Have Been Killed in ISIS Attacks Around the World

The savage prisoner emergency that started on Friday in Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka, is the latest of more than twelve assaults that have been asserted by or are associated with being completed by the Islamic State in the nation.

Altogether, more than 1,200 individuals outside of Iraq and Syria have been killed in assaults roused or facilitated by the Islamic State, as per a New York Times examination.

About portion of the casualties was executed in assaults that focused on Westerners. The others have been regular folks in Arab and other non-Western nations, murdered in mosques, government workplaces, and different targets.

July 1, 2016BangladeshGunmen detonated explosives and took a number of people hostage at a restaurant in Dhaka.

l Arish, the main town in northern Sinai.
June 29, 2016TurkeyAt least 44 people were killed and 238 people wounded in suicide bombings at Istanbul's main international airport. Turkey blamed the Islamic State for the attack. 
June 13, 2016FranceA police captain was fatally stabbed and his companion was also killed at their home in a small town northwest of Paris. 
June 12, 2016FloridaA man who called 911 to proclaim allegiance to the Islamic State terrorist group, and who had been investigated in the past for possible terrorist ties, stormed a gay nightclub wielding an assault rifle and a pistol and carried out the worst mass shooting in United States history. 
June 7, 2016BangladeshA Hindu priest was attacked while riding a bicycle in a rural area not far from his home and hacked to death. 
June 5, 2016BangladeshA Christian man was hacked to death in his grocery store.
May 8, 2016EgyptGunmen sprayed bullets on a police minibus as it passed through a Cairo district, killing eight plainclothes officers in an ambush. 
April 30, 2016BangladeshA Hindu tailor who had been briefly jailed several years ago over accusations that he made an unfavorable comment about the Prophet Muhammad was hacked to death near his shop in central Bangladesh.
April 23, 2016BangladeshA university professor was hacked to death and nearly beheaded in an attack near his home in the northwest city of Rajshai. 
March 22, 2016BelgiumA series of deadly terrorist attacks struck Brussels, with two explosions at the city’s main international airport and a third in a subway station at the heart of the city, near the headquarters complex of the European Union.
March 19, 2016TurkeyA suicide bombing on Istanbul's busiest thoroughfare killed three Israeli citizens and an Iranian. Two of the Israelis held dual Israeli-American citizenship.
March 4, 2016YemenGunmen killed 18 people at a nursing home founded by Mother Teresa and run by Christian nuns. 
Jan. 29, 2016YemenA bomb-packed car driven by a suicide attacker exploded at a checkpoint near the presidential palace in the southern city of Aden, killing at least eight people. 
Jan. 14, 2016IndonesiaISIS claimed responsibility for explosions and gunfire that rocked central Jakarta, killing at least two civilians. 
Jan. 12, 2016TurkeyA Syrian suicide bomber set off an explosion in the historic central district of Istanbul, killing 10 people and wounding at least 15 others, in an attack the Turkish government attributed to ISIS.  
Jan. 11, 2016FranceA teenager attacked a Jewish teacher with a machete in Marseille, and afterward told the police that he had carried out the attack in the name of God and the Islamic State.
Jan. 8, 2016EgyptGunmen reportedly carrying an ISIS flag opened fire at a Red Sea resort, injuring at least two tourists.
Jan. 7, 2016EgyptISIS claimed responsibility for an attack on a hotel in Cairo near the pyramids at Giza. No one was hurt. 
Jan. 7, 2016PennsylvaniaA man shot and wounded a Philadelphia police officer sitting in a patrol car in the name of Islam and the Islamic State, police said. 
Jan. 4, 2016LibyaIslamic State militants attempted to capture an oil port along Libya’s coast, in fighting that left at least seven people dead.
Dec. 7, 2015YemenThe Islamic State claimed responsibility for a car bomb that killed a provincial governor and eight of his bodyguards. 
Dec. 2, 2015CaliforniaA married couple shot and killed 14 people in San Bernardino, Calif. The FBI is investigating the shooting as an act of terrorism inspired by ISIS.
Nov. 26, 2015BangladeshISIS claimed responsibility for an attack on a Shiite mosque during evening prayer in which gunmen opened fire on worshipers with machine guns, killing one man and injuring three others. 
Nov. 24, 2015EgyptISIS militants attacked a hotel in the northern Sinai Peninsula, killing at least seven people.
Nov. 18, 2015FranceA teacher at a Jewish school in Marseille was stabbed by three people who appeared to profess support for ISIS. 
Nov. 13, 2015FrancePresident Fran├žois Hollande blamed the Islamic State for terrorist attacks across Paris that killed more than 100 people. The Islamic State claimed responsibility. 
Nov. 12, 2015LebanonISIS claimed responsibility for a double suicide bombing that ripped through a busy shopping district at rush hour, killing at least 43 people.
Nov. 4, 2015EgyptISIS's Sinai affiliate claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing that killed at least four police officers. 
Nov. 4, 2015BangladeshISIS claimed responsibility for a stabbing and shooting that left one police officer dead and another wounded. 
Oct. 31, 2015EgyptAn ISIS affiliate in Sinai claimed responsibility for the downing of a Russian passenger jet that killed all 224 people on board.
Oct. 30, 2015TurkeyISIS militants killed two Syrian anti-ISIS activists.
Oct. 24, 2015BangladeshISIS claimed responsibility for bombings that killed one person and wounded dozens more during a procession commemorating a Shiite Muslim holiday.
Oct. 10, 2015TurkeyTwo explosions killed more than 100 people who had gathered for a peace rally in Turkey's capital. Turkish officials believe ISIS is responsible.
Oct. 6, 2015YemenA series of bombings in Yemen's two largest cities killed at least 25 people
Oct. 3, 2015BangladeshISIS claimed responsibility for the shooting death of a Japanese man riding a rickshaw. 
Sep. 28, 2015BangladeshISIS claimed responsibility for the shooting death of an Italian aid worker.
Sep. 24, 2015YemenAt least 25 people were killed when two bombs went off outside a mosque during prayers to commemorate Eid al-Adha, a major Muslim holiday.
Sep. 18, 2015LibyaMilitants loyal to the Islamic State attacked a prison inside a Tripoli air base.
Sep. 17, 2015GermanyAn Iraqi man was shot dead after he stabbed a policewoman in Berlin.
Sep. 2, 2015YemenYemen's ISIS affiliate claimed responsibility for two bombings at a mosque that killed at least 20 people.
Aug. 26, 2015EgyptThe Sinai Province of the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for three gunmen who shot and killed two police officers.
Aug. 21, 2015FranceA gunman opened fire aboard a packed high-speed train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris, wounding several passengers before he was tackled and subdued by three Americans.
Aug. 20, 2015EgyptAn ISIS affiliate claimed responsibility for bombing a branch of the Egyptian security agency. 
Aug. 12, 2015EgyptAn ISIS affiliate said it had beheaded a Croatian expatriate worker because of Croatia's "participation in the war against the Islamic State."
Aug. 7, 2015Saudi ArabiaISIS claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing at a mosque that killed at least 15 people, including 12 members of a Saudi police force.
July 20, 2015TurkeyA Turkish citizen believed to have had ties to ISIS killed at least 32 people at a cultural center. 
July 16, 2015EgyptIn what appeared to be the first attack on a naval vessel claimed by Sinai Province, the ISIS affiliate said it destroyed an Egyptian naval vessel and posted photographs on social media of a missile exploding in a ball of fire as it slammed into the vessel. 
July 11, 2015EgyptISIS claimed responsibility for an explosion outside the Italian Consulate’s compound in downtown Cairo that killed one person. 
July 1, 2015EgyptMilitants affiliated with the Islamic State killed dozens of soldiers in simultaneous attacks on Egyptian Army checkpoints and other security installations in Egypt's northern Sinai Peninsula. 
June 26, 2015TunisiaAt least one gunman disguised as a vacationer attacked a Mediterranean resort, killing at least 38 people at a beachfront hotel — most of them British tourists — before he was shot to death by the security forces.
June 26, 2015KuwaitA suicide bomber detonated explosives at one of the largest Shiite mosques in Kuwait City during Friday Prayer. 
June 17, 2015YemenAn ISIS branch claimed responsibility for a series of car bombings in Sana, the capital, that killed at least 30 people. 
June 9, 2015EgyptISIS's Sinai province claimed responsibility for firing rockets toward an air base used by an international peacekeeping force.
June 5, 2015TurkeyAn explosion at a political rally in the predominantly Kurdish city of Diyarbakir killed two people and wounded more than 100. Turkish officials have said ISIS was behind the attack. 
June 3, 2015AfghanistanISIS is suspected of beheading 10 members of the Taliban. 
May 31, 2015LibyaA suicide bomber from an ISIS affiliate killed at least four Libyan fighters a checkpoint. 
May 29, 2015Saudi ArabiaOne week after a similar attack in the same region, a suicide bomber dressed in women’s clothing detonated an explosive belt near the entrance to a Shiite mosque, killing three people.
May 22, 2015YemenISIS claimed responsibility for a bomb attack on a Shiite mosque that injured at least 13 worshipers.
May 22, 2015Saudi ArabiaIn what appeared to be ISIS's first official claim of an attack in Saudi Arabia, a suicide bomber detonated an explosive at a Shiite mosque during midday prayer, killing at least 21 and injuring 120.
May 18, 2015TurkeyA bomb detonated at the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party or H.D.P.
May 18, 2015TurkeyMilitants detonated a bomb at the office of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party, or H.D.P.
May 3, 2015TexasTwo men who reportedly supported ISIS and were later acknowledged by ISIS as "soldiers of the caliphate" opened fire in a Dallas suburb outside a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest. 
April 30, 2015YemenOne of ISIS's Yemen affiliates released a video showing the killing of 15 Yemeni soldiers.
April 27, 2015Bosnia and HerzegovinaA gunman attacked a police station.
April 19, 2015LibyaISIS released a video of militants from two of its Libya affiliates killing dozens of Ethiopian Christians, some by beheading and others by shooting.
April 12, 2015LibyaISIS's Tripoli affiliate claimed credit for a bomb that exploded outside the Moroccan Embassy.
April 12, 2015EgyptISIS militants killed at least 12 people in three separate attacks on Egyptian security forces.
April 12, 2015LibyaISIS's Tripoli affiliate claimed responsibility for an attack on the South Korean Embassy that killed two local police officers
April 8, 2015Saudi ArabiaGunmen opened fire on a police patrol, killing two officers.
April 5, 2015LibyaISIS killed at least four people in an attack on a security checkpoint.
April 4, 2015AfghanistanThe Afghan vice president accused ISIS of kidnapping 31 civilians in February.
April 2, 2015EgyptAn ISIS affiliate in the Sinai Peninsula killed 13 people with simultaneous car bombs at military checkpoints.
April 1, 2015TurkeyMilitants killed a Syrian teacher in Turkey.
March 20, 2015YemenAn ISIS affiliate claimed responsibility for coordinated suicide strikes on Zaydi Shiite mosques that killed more than 130 people during Friday Prayer. 
March 18, 2015TunisiaISIS claimed responsibility for an attack on a museum that killed 22 people, almost all European tourists. 
Feb. 20, 2015LibyaISIS's Derna affiliate claimed responsibility for three car bombs that killed at least 40 people. 
Feb. 15, 2015LibyaISIS released a video that appeared to show its militants in Libya heading a group of Egyptian Christians who had been kidnapped in January. 
Feb. 15, 2015DenmarkA Danish-born gunman who was inspired by ISIS went on a violent rampage in Copenhagen, killing two strangers and wounding five police officers. 
Feb. 3, 2015LibyaISIS militants were suspected of killing 12 people, including four foreigners, in an attack on an oil field. 
Jan. 29, 2015EgyptISIS's Sinai affiliate claimed responsibility for coordinated bombings that killed 24 soldiers, six police officers, and 14 civilians. 
Jan. 27, 2015LibyaISIS's Tripoli affiliate claimed credit for an armed assault on a luxury hotel that killed at least eight people. It was the deadliest attack on Western interests in Libya since the assault on the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi. 
Jan. 23, 2015LebanonISIS attacked an outpost of the Lebanese Armed Forces.
Jan. 16, 2015Bosnia and HerzegovinaAn attacker killed an imam at a mosque.
Jan. 12, 2015LibyaISIS's Tripoli affiliate said they were holding 21 Egyptian Christians captive. 
Jan. 11, 2015FranceA video surfaced of Amedy Coulibaly, the shooter at a Jewish supermarket in an attack that coincided with the attack on Charlie Hebdo, declaring allegiance to ISIS. 
Jan. 6, 2015TurkeySuicide bomber injured two people at a police station.
Dec. 22, 2014FranceA van plowed into an outdoor Christmas market in Nantes. 
Dec. 21, 2014FranceA French citizen of Algerian and Moroccan descent drove into pedestrians in Dijon, wounding 13 people. 
Dec. 15, 2014AustraliaA gunman who said he was acting on ISIS's behalf seized 17 hostages in a Sydney cafe. Two of the hostages died. 
Nov. 22, 2014Saudi ArabiaA Danish executive was shot in his car. A group of ISIS supporters later claimed responsibility.
Oct. 23, 2014New YorkA hatchet-wielding man charged at four police officers in Queens. ISIS said the attack was the “direct result" of its September call to action.
Oct. 22, 2014CanadaAn Islamic convert shot and killed a soldier who was guarding the National War Memorial in Ottawa, stormed Canada's parliament and fired multiple times before being shot and killed. 
Oct. 20, 2014CanadaA 25-year-old man who had recently adopted radical Islam ran over two soldiers near Montreal, killing one. 
Sep. 24, 2014AlgeriaMilitants kidnapped and beheaded a French tourist shortly after the Islamic State called on supporters around the world to harm Europeans in retaliation for airstrikes in Iraq and Syria.
Sep. 23, 2014AustraliaAn 18-year-old ISIS sympathizer was shot dead after stabbing two counterterrorism officers outside a Melbourne police station.