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Vladimir Putin made light of past remarks about Donald Trump and talked about the presidential race on Friday, including that he acknowledged the US is presumably the world's sole superpower. Read More

Pennsylvania man confronts charges including rape after police say they discovered him living with 12 young ladies, including a 18-year-old and two kids he fathered with her. Read More

Donald Trump

Neglecting notices that they'll tip off terrorists to mystery examinations, Democrats squeezed ahead Wednesday with arrangements for new weapon controls after the Orlando shooting, and even enrolled a far-fetched potential partner Read More

Hillary Clinton

The "heedless" proposition drifted by Donald Trump would have done nothing to keep the butchery of the Orlando slaughter, Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday. Read More

Government agents delving for signs in the Orlando dance club slaughter are focusing in on Noor Salman, the dowager of shooter Omar Mateen. Read More

WASHINGTON — When a youthful American man from waterfront Florida drove a truck pressed with explosives into a ridge eatery in Syria in May 2014, F.B.I. specialists scoured his online postings and talked with his contacts in Florida in a scramble to figure out who,Read More

Orlando Nightclub Shooting Leaves Loved Ones Waiting in Anguish

ORLANDO, Fla. — Dozens of bodies were expelled overnight Monday from a prevalent gay dance club here as examiners attempted to sort out what had prompted a shooting frenzy 24 hours prior that left 50 individuals dead and 53 injured. Read More

Germany's fund clergyman, Wolfgang Schäuble, has pummeled the entryway on Britain holding access to the single business sector in the event that it votes to the leave the European Read More

Wreckage of the Egypt Air flight that went missing over the Mediterranean last month has been found, Egyptian investigators say. Read More

EgyptAir Flight Believed to Have Crashed at Sea; Egypt Cites Possible Terrorism

CAIRO — The EgyptAir red-eye from Paris to Cairo, an Airbus A320 jetliner not as much as half full, had quite recently entered Egyptian airspace early Thursday on the last a portion of its adventure.Read More

New York businesses face hefty penalties for ‘misgendering’ customers
Welcoming clients as "Mr." or "Mrs." — or even not utilizing the pronoun "ze" or "zir" — could demonstrate unreasonable for New York City organizations under principles drafted by Mayor Bill de Blasio's civil servants. Read More

Vote-switching on gay-rights measure causes uproar in Housee

The House crushed a gay rights measure by a solitary vote Thursday, inciting Democrats to noisily serenade, "Disgrace! Disgrace!" from the chamber floor and lash out at GOP pioneers who they blamed for twisting the principles to organize the thrashing.Read More

Buckingham Palace trespasser was convicted murderer

LONDON (AP) — A sentenced killer moved over a divider and meandered the grounds of Buckingham Palace while Queen Elizabeth II was at home, British prosecutors said Friday.
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The EgyptAir Flight: Moment by Moment

EgyptAir Flight 804, on the way from Paris to Cairo, vanished from radar over the Mediterranean Sea on Thursday morning after it unexpectedly turned and dropped in height, authorities said.
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