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US Green Card Lottery DV Program provides 55,000 Diversity Visas (DV) each fiscal year. Persons are drawn from the randomly selected entries from the persons who meet strict eligibility requirements from countries with low rates of immigration to the U.S. It is officially called the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program and provides the US green card to those selected and who go through the entire process of getting the immigrant US visa. Read More

You Guys Can Join Their  USA DV Lottery Official Facebook Page

Entries for the DV program must be submitted electronically during lottery period. Applicants who are selected in the lottery (“selectees”) must meet simple, but strict, eligibility requirements in order to qualify for a diversity visa. Selectees are chosen through a randomized computer drawing. Diversity visas are distributed among six geographic regions and no single country may receive more than seven percent of the available DVs in any one year. Read More

Successful DV entrants applying for DV-2018 Green Card also known as American Visa Lottery Program must meet simple, but strict, eligibility requirements in order to qualify for a diversity visa (to be born in the country eligible for this lottery and has to be qualified based on education, work, and other requirements). Read More

We can help you to fill out DV application online and change your picture/pictures for small fee. If you want to make sure your application will be fill out correct please contact us, Read More

The photo requirements are very strict, and if you do not comply with all of the specifications below, including but not limited to the recentness and composition of your photos, your entire DV Lottery application will be disqualified. Read More

In order to apply for DV Entry Form (E-DV) one of the requirement is to be born in the country eligible for this lottery. Read More

There have lots of  most common questions and answers about get a usa green card easily. Most of peoples want to know about those. Read More

Fraudulent websites are posing as official U.S. government sites. Some companies posing as the U.S. government have sought money in order to "complete" DV entry forms. These websites are designed to appear official, and often have images of the U.S. flag, U.S. Capitol, White House, or Statue of Liberty. Read More

The differing qualities lottery is the most effortless approach to get a green card. Different procedures are bulky and tedious. Not so with the green card lottery (or the differences lottery as it is prevalently known).  Read More

Most of us understand how a basic lottery works. You buy a ticket, enter the draw and if you are selected from the list you stand to win a prize. In the same manner, the green card lottery program will allow you to win a green card which would permit you to obtain legal residency in the United States. Read More

Starting a new life in the USA is what many of us dream about, some of us have achieved and others are trying everything they can to get there. Learn about the 5 most common ways to get a green card. Read More

Green Card Lottery is also called as America Green Card Lottery or Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery. Every year, the US Department of State issues 55,000 visas through the Diversity Visa Lottery Program. Of such visas, 5000 visas are allocated for use under NACARA beginning with DV '99. The reason for the Green Card Lottery coming into existence was because of the increase in the number Read More

A green card holder, being the permanent citizen of US, has all the rights to enjoy the benefits offered by US Government. Permanent immigrants are able to leave and enter US as and when they want without the risk of being denied for visa. They have right to apply for the financial aid for education, Read More

The US Green Card Lottery, also known as Diversity Visa Lottery program is an official program to issue legal US Green Card through a lottery system. This program was introduced in the year 1990 by United States Government to promote diversity in the United States by giving chance, or to be more specific, providing an alternative way to citizens of other countries to obtain permanent resident visas or green cards. Read More

A standout amongst the most mainstream methods for getting a USA green card in the present times has been the course of migration speculation. Read More

US permanent residents/citizens can get USA green cards for members of their families by filing a petition with the authorities. Let's take a look at how the process Read More

If you are considering becoming a permanent resident in the United States, then there is an easy ticket to migrate to US. It is a dream of most aspiring professionals the world over to live and work in the US. Generally there are millions of people trying to get into the 'land of dreams' either by getting a permanent resident card or work visa but Read More

Dreaming of working or living in America! Well this is what most of us aspire for. The government of America has brought in such a system so that people around the world are able to try for the same.Read More

USA Green Card Lottery is a lottery program conducted by the US Government for winning Permanent Resident Cards. It is also called as Diversity Visa Program.Read More

Citizens of other countries coming to the USA need to obtain USA Visas that are issued at US consulates and embassies world over. USA visas are divided into two main types of visas- Immigrant Visas and Non-Immigrant Visas. Read More

USA is a country of diverse cultures and people of multiple ethnicity. To maintain this diversity among its population, the USA government issues 50,000 permanent resident visas annually under its Diversity Immigrant Visa program through lottery. Read More

The United States of America is considered by many to be the land of opportunity. A place to live where your freedoms are protected and your opportunities to succeed and live the American dream is as equal a chance as anyone either living here or coming here from another country. There are several options foreigners can use to come to America to work and live, but the easiest ways are through work visas. These are temporary, and allows for non-citizens to work in the US for a predetermined amount of time. Read More

Getting a United States Green Card is a dream of many people nowadays. Due to the enormous benefits attached to a Green Card, people from all over the world try to get one. For people with certain types of professional skills or experience, having a Green Card can do wonders. Read More

The second criteria for participation in the DV Lottery program is that you must have at least a high school education (normally consisting of a total of 12 years of education at the elementary/primary and secondary levels) or its equivalent (as defined by the US State Department) OR (if you don’t have at least a high school education or its equivalent) Read More

The US Diversity Visa (DV) program (also known as the American Green Card Lottery) is the easiest way to get a Permanent Resident Visa (also known as a Green Card) for the United Read More

The Green Card Lottery has its roots in The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. This congressional act did away with race, ethnicity and national origin from the immigration selection process,  Read More